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Inside Out 2's New Emotions Explained (Full List)

Inside Out 2 has five new emotions inside Riley's mind as she embraces a new change in her life.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -


Inside Out 2: What Is Ennui? Emotion Meaning & Role In Sequel Explained

Inside Out 2 introduces Ennui as one of the new emotions of Riley as she enters puberty.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Here's Why Wanda Turned Evil In the MCU

Wanda Maximoff has had one of the wildest villain-to-hero journeys within the MCU.

By David Thompson -

Stranger Things Season 5 Just Recast 1 Main Character (Photos)

The Wheeler family might have just gotten a new member in Stranger Things 5.

By Russ Milheim -

Who Is Chase Infiniti? 4 Things to Know About Presumed Innocent Actress

Chase Infiniti made her television debut on Apple TV+'s Presumed Innocent, but what else is there to know about her?

By Gillian Blum -

Does Colin Find Out Penelope Is Lady Whistledown In Bridgerton Season 3 New Episode?

Colin and Penelope experience a relationship-changing moment in Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2.

By Richard Nebens -

Meet Hannah from Love Island USA: 4 Things to Know About Hannah Smith

Here are a few things fans should know about Love Island USA's Hannah Smith.

By Nathan Johnson -

Who Is Cameron Crovetti? 5 Things to Know About The Boys' Ryan Actor - Wiki Bio Details

Learn all about the young actor who plays Homelander's son on the hit Amazon series.

By Jennifer McDonough -

Nurse John Wife Controversy Explained

People on the internet are upset at the popular TikTok influencer Nurse John.

By Klein Felt -

Here's When Elsbeth Season 2's Release Is Now Expected to Happen

Elsbeth Season 2 is set to be released on CBS sooner rather than later.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

V Stiviano's Roller Skates Stunt: Clipped Vs. Real Life Details

What was V. Stiviano's roller skating stunt in FX's Clipped all about?

By Sam Hargrave -

Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 Spoilers & Ending Explained

Find out how Penelope and Colin's story concludes in the latest chapter of Bridgerton.

By David Thompson -

Netflix's Bridgerton: Who Does Hyacinth End Up With?

Hyacinth Bridgerton ends up marrying an interesting character in the world of Bridgerton.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Bridgerton Season 3 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos)

Here ye, here ye! Bridgerton is back with a star-studded cast.

By Klein Felt -

The Boys Season 4's New Black Noir: Who He Is, Explained

There's a new Black Noir in town, but nobody seems to know who exactly he is.

By Russ Milheim -

The Imaginary: New Trailer For Hayley Atwell's Beautiful Netflix Animated Film Revealed

Spirited Away Director Yoshiyuki Momose's new Netflix film is headed to the service this July.

By Russ Milheim -

The Boys Season 4 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos)

Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest yet for The Boys and their crusade against supes.

By Russ Milheim -

House of the Dragon Season 2 Release Date Breaks a Frustrating Game of Thrones Record

House of the Dragon fans had a frustrating and record-breaking wait for Season 2.

By Sam Hargrave -

Here's Why Mindy Kaling Isn't In Inside Out 2

Fear and Disgust may sound a bit different in the upcoming Inside Out 2.

By Gillian Blum -

Citadel Season 2 Release, Cast & Everything We Know

Amazon Prime Video's secret agent thrill-fest is coming back for more.

By Klein Felt -

Meet Elys from Perfect Match: 5 Things to Know About Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle

Get the scoop on Elys Hutchinson from the popular Netflix reality series.

By Jennifer McDonough -

Who Is Brett Hamilton In Real-Life? Isabel Wilkerson's Origin Husband Details

Jon Bernthal played him on the big screen, but Brett Hamilton was a real person.

By Klein Felt -

Who Is V Stiviano's Friend Deja In Clipped? Actress Vs. Real-Life Details

Learn more about Yvonna Pearson and her character's association with Donald Sterling.

By David Thompson -

Deadliest Catch 2024 Cast: Meet the Real People In Season 20 (Photos)

Meet the real people who will brave the waters and make up Season 20 of Deadliest Catch.

By Nathan Johnson -

Dark Matter Episode 7 Explained - Jason's Journey Breakdown

With just two episodes to go, Dark Matter added another layer to its mind-bending multiversal story in its seventh installment.

By Tom Drew -

Who Is Catherine Laga'aia? 4 Things to Know About Moana Actress - Wiki Bio Details

Disney's live-action Moana has found its star in Catherine Laga'aia. Just who is Disney's newest princess?

By Gillian Blum -

Sweet Tooth Confirms Purple Flowers' True Meaning In Season 3

So that is the hidden meaning behind Sweet Tooth's purple flowers!

By Klein Felt -

Crazy Rich Asians 2 Sequel Gets Major Release Announcement from Studio

An HBO executive revealed some big news about the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians.

By Gillian Blum -

Is Jenna Ortega's Lara Croft Movie Real or Fake? Release Speculation Explained

Will the Wednesday star be raiding tombs as Lara Croft in the near future?

By Jennifer McDonough -

Your Honor: Does Adam Die? What Happens to Hunter Doohan's Character

With Your Honor coming back into the spotlight, viewers have questions about the fate of Hunter Doohan's Adam.

By Richard Nebens -

Destiny 2: Here's How to Get Exotic Class Items - Guide for Dual Destiny Mission

The Dual Destiny mission is the key to unlocking The Final Shape's exotic class items.

By Klein Felt -

Outer Banks Season 4 Gets Exciting Update from Star: When Will It Release?

For those looking for more Outer Banks, a new update on Season 4 should have fans excited.

By Richard Nebens -

Sweet Tooth: What Is The Sick, Explained

At the heart of the Netflix fantasy series is a mysterious ailment known as The Sick.

By Klein Felt -

The Chosen Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date & Remaining Schedule on Streaming App

Following an extended delay, fans are now almost halfway through The Chosen Season 4's streaming run.

By Richard Nebens -

How to Rob a Bank Netflix 2024 Cast: Meet the People In Documentary Movie (Photos)

Netflix's documentary, How to Rob a Bank, unpacks the story of Seattle's most notorious bank robber, Scott Scurlock.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

A Quiet Place: Day One Gets Unsurprising Rating

The official rating for A Quiet Place: Day One continues the franchise's tradition.

By Savannah Sanders -

Why Is Vanessa Lachey Not on Perfect Match Season 1 & 2?

Hear what Nick Lachey has to say about excluding his wife Vanessa from Perfect Match.

By David Thompson -

Practical Magic 2 Cast: Who Will Return In Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman's Sequel?

This iconic pair of witching sisters is heading back to the big screen.

By Klein Felt -

Is Tay-K Still In Jail or Free In 2024? Why He Went to Prison, Explained

What crimes did rapper Tay-K commit, and is he still in prison in 2024?

By Sam Hargrave -

Inside Out 2 Reviews: What Are Critics' First Reactions?

Critics have finally seen Inside Out 2 and are sharing their thoughts on the Pixar sequel.

By Richard Nebens -

The Atypical Family Ending Explained: What Really Happens at the End of the KDrama

Wait, what exactly happened in that shocking Atypical Family Season 1 ending?

By Klein Felt -

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