Elliott Gembler

THE DIRECT Content Lead

Elliott is a Content Lead for The Direct, and joined the company in May of 2019. He lives in London, United Kingdom and works full-time in the social media industry. He specialises in social media management and graphic design, with his role at The Direct consisting of both as well as overseeing a wide range of content output across all channels. He graduated from university with a Football Business and Media degree and has an ever-lasting passion for various sports, especially football. He is also the Founder and Content Lead at utdreport, a Manchester United based social network.

Why I joined The Direct... 

I saw an opportunity to be part of one of the most influential online properties out there, with a view to increasing the online presence even further. Before even joining The Direct, I realised the kindness, honesty and authenticity that was behind the brand - things the world needs more of nowadays, and something I told myself I needed to be part of. The potential at The Direct is endless, especially with the talent it's surrounded by - a mix of creative minds and unmatched passion means the future for The Direct is extremely bright. This is just the beginning for us with exciting times ahead.

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