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STAR WARS,  MCU and DCU Writer

Lauren is a writer for The Direct in Sydney, Australia. She has worked in film, television and streaming and has a Masters degree in screenwriting, (she is also available to write the next Star Wars movie just FYI). Lauren is a fan of all things pop culture and can often be found at theme parks, playing video games, watching too many TV shows or lining up overnight at San Diego Comic-Con.

Favorite Star Wars Movie: Episode VII: The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens was the first Star Wars movie I experienced at a midnight screening, so it will always be special to me. It also gave us the icon that is BB-8.

Favorite Star Wars Character: BB-8

Like I said, BB-8 is iconic and is the unsung hero of the franchise. Get yourself a droid who will carry a secret map across the galaxy, hijack an AT-ST to save your life and still look good in orange.

Why I joined The Direct...

I love keeping up with news about my favorite movies and TV shows and I’m super excited to be able to do that for other fans as a writer for The Direct. It’s an exciting time in the pop culture world right now and I’m looking forward to seeing where Disney takes its franchises beyond just feature films. 

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Lauren's Thoughts

- I’m not sure about them choosing to kill Kate Kane off. Obviously Ruby Rose has left the show and they need a new lead, but killing the character entirely will change everything about the show including all the supporting characters they spent the whole season building into Kane’s story. It is the Arrowverse though so anything is possible in the multi-verse.

- I would 100% watch Star Wars stories about any of these topics

- The behind the scenes documentary on The Rise Of Skywalker really helped to change my outlook on the film. Hopefully this book will release eventually and we can all learn more about TLJ. Plus anything on Carrie Fisher is a bonus.

- Taika is proving to be (well deserved) master of the universes. MCU, Star Wars, he just needs DC or Lord of the Rings to round it out now.

- Without knowing what went on behind the scenes I think it makes sense that Tony Gilroy takes the lead on this one, he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the Rogue One universe. And it's great that Stephen Schiff will still be on the writing team!

- I'm totally there for a show featuring Maul and the Crimson Dawn in the future. Maul has become a break out star thanks to the animated series and I don't think anyone would object to seeing more of him

- This is awesome news and hopefully means if they keep up pre-production on Season 3 we can continue to expect consistent Mandalorian releases in October.

- As a regular SDCC attendee this is necessary but still incredibly sad for all the creatives, artists and guests. Here's hoping the convention can bounce back better than ever in 2021!

- I can't wait to see this. While we all just want to see Season 2 of Mando now, it's going to make the wait until its release a bit easier.

- Tough call. I'd like to see if they could redeem Jar Jar in some way by changing his direction - and the Sith Lord path is a cool idea. But I'm not surprised to see the Start Wars universe moving away from him.

- This is so hard they're two of the best Star Wars movies! I think Rogue One is better as a film but Force Awakens was such a great kickstart to the new Star Wars era.

- It would be fitting and kind of ironic for Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka to bridge the different Star Wars TV series together like she did for the Marvel TV Universe with The Defenders.

- It has to be Empire. That movie is a cinematic touchstone and it gave us some of the most quotable lines in the series: "I am your Father", "I love you" "I know", "Do or do not, there is no try".

- Jamie Lee Curtis would be amazing in the Star Wars universe so I really hope this rumor turns out to be true. While I would love to see her in a similar leader role to Carrie Fisher I think it would be just as awesome if she turned out to be a villain on the Empire's side.

- The first season of the Mandalorian was the highlight for me on Disney + and definitely points to the future of the Star Wars franchise. I can't wait to see where it goes in Season 2 with the introduction of Ahsoka.

- I'm sad that we never got to see this scene in the film. I love the idea of Chewie helping to raise a young Ben Solo!

- The directors from the first season of the Mandalorian all brought something unique to their episodes so it's exciting to see who they're bringing on for season 2. Robert Rodriguez is definitely an interesting choice and I can't wait to see if he brings some of his awesome visual style to Star Wars.

- Interesting that Disney is choosing to release the Mandalorian episodes weekly instead of all at once now that all of season 1 has premiered. Still, glad that the UK can now join the Baby Yoda discussion!

- It's easy to forget the amount of detail that goes into a film of this scale and it's great to see some of John Williams' legendary work represented in these props

- These episodes are short and fun and a great celebration of the world of Star Wars. I'm looking forward to seeing what other characters they explore in this new season. Here's hoping for a Baby Yoda episode?