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Jen is a writer for The Direct who deeply enjoys writing, especially about things that she's passionate about. Her non-MCU and Star Wars interests include action figures, sitcoms, and making the perfect peanut butter and banana sandwich. She also does market research, part time.

Favorite MCU movie: It’s so difficult for me to choose a favorite and it changes often, but right now, it would be Avengers: Age of Ultron. There’s just something special about how the team works together in it.

Favorite MCU character - Peter Parker, because at his core, he’s just a good kid trying very hard to do the right thing, even when it might be inconvenient or dangerous.

Favorite Star Wars movie: Empire Strikes Back has always been my favorite, just due to its masterful overall quality. 

Favorite Star Wars character - C-3PO. From the age of five, I’ve just always been utterly captivated by him and R2-D2.

Why I joined The Direct - I have been a hardcore Marvel Cinematic Universe fan almost since its very inception and could easily write paragraphs upon paragraphs about it, so The Direct is an excellent outlet for me. Beyond that, I have a commitment to quality journalism and content as well as to providing fans with accurate, up-to-date information. 

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- As an ex-Hot Toys collector who has since switched to smaller Hasbro figures, I was momentarily tempted by this. Looks awesome!

- I'm all for this. I think it's extremely important that Tony's legacy is carried on in some shape or form. And since Morgan's a loooong way from donning a suit, I'm definitely game for Riri Williams to show up. Maybe RDJ could even return to voice her A.I.?

- I love that he was talking to Nat. I always assumed Sam was just contacting a random staff member at the compound. This adds some fun, extra flair to the scene.

- Honestly, I don't care where they land with Miek as long as Hasbro makes an action figure of the character. And the exoskeleton in the concept art is pretty slick looking, so I'd gladly take that version for my collection.

- Biehn is certainly a cool get for season 2. And I really enjoyed Bill Burr's character in season one. In fact, episode 6 was probably my favorite episode from that season. Loved Clancy Brown as a Devaronian!

- The footage, while fairly basic, is pretty neat. I'm excited to learn more about Taskmaster.

- It was completely inevitable, but it's still a shame. I suspect this will create a cascade effect for the rest of Marvel Studios' upcoming releases getting pushed back, particularly the ones that Black Widow was to drop hints for.