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Jack is a writer for The Direct who was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He currently attends the University of North Florida and plans to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and minor in Political Science. Although he has no past experience in the writing/content creation field, he is a passionate Star Wars fan and hopes to illustrate this in his articles. He is a dedicated cinephile and sports fan. After years of expanding his creative abilities through hobbies like tap dancing and exploring new films, he is eager to gain new experience working with The Direct.

Favorite Star Wars Movie: Return of the Jedi

It seems that every day I change my mind and swap it with The Empire Strikes Back, but I'll stick with the former...for now. There are so many reasons I love this movie. Right from the beginning, it creates a delightful sense of adventure. It also delivers extremely fulfilling endings to the journeys of the characters we followed since the first film. However, it is Luke's character arc and his relationship with his father that puts this film above the others, in my opinion. Vader’s transformation back into Anakin Skywalker is the heart of the saga, and it is climaxed in this film with the love of his son. The love expressed in the movie has always stuck with me, and it is why my favorite scene in Star Wars will always be Luke’s defeat of Vader and Anakin saving his son from the evil he helped prosper. This film has heart and imagination that hits me more than any of the other movies. Plus, Ewoks rock.  

Favorite Star Wars Character: Kylo Ren/Ben Solo

I'm honestly shocked I came to this decision, but I'm happy I did. Ben's story is written with such intrigue and detail, but when you add Adam Driver, the character gets put on a whole other level. Frankly, I believe he is the best actor that has ever been a part of Star Wars. Not only is he outstanding in balancing the light and darkness within the character, but he brings an intensity to the role that captivates me every time he's on screen. The scene that really cements him as my favorite is when he destroys Kylo Ren in The Rise of Skywalker. Driver is heartbreaking. He made me understand everything about Ben with one word: "Dad." It’s brilliant acting, and a character arc I will never forget.

Why I Joined The Direct...

I joined The Direct to share my passion for Star Wars and connect with those who possess that same passion. I hope to spark a friendly dialogue through my personal rankings and speculation on a variety of different subjects. I would love to dive deep into specfic films, episodes, scenes, etc. and analyze their themes, as well as the impact they left on Star Wars.  My hope is that this content will prompt others to voice their perspectives, ideas, and love they find in Star Wars.

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- I've been severely lacking new Star Wars content, and this is the perfect show to keep me entertained. I think it also has the potential to bring in different types of audiences due to its game show structure. Families will certainly be sitting together in the living room to enjoy some Jedi training from Kelleran Beq, and hopefully it opens the door to more content like this from Lucasfilm.

- I was someone who didn't necessarily care that Pascal wasn't always in the suit, especially since it was a completely understandable situation, but I have heard from some that it's a little bit of a let-down. Although The Mandalorian team never made it seem like there was more than one person acting in the role and costume, I'm excited for Pascal to be in there more if this rumor is true.

- I love this news and the character of Thrawn, even though I'm not a hardcore fan like some. The plot summary is interesting in that there's a lot of mystery surrounding his roots, the Chiss, and their new enemy. All will be revealed when the book comes out, but I'm really hoping to see the Unknown Regions explored and tiny easter eggs to Rebels and the Empire throughout. Can't wait for September!

- I, for one, can't wait for this series. I know my age might be above the age of the typical viewer for this kind of show, but I always wanted to be a part of something like this growing up. It doesn't look like these will be easy tests either, so I'm ready for an fun ride of humor, excitement and Star Wars with Ahmed Best leading the way!

- All of these concepts from Episode IX that weren't used, whether it's more Dark Rey or the excluded scene of Kylo Ren and the Eye of the Webbish Bog, really make me less satisfied with what we actually got. This specific drawing from Cheshire is just another example of that, and is a great callback to The Last Jedi when Rey briefly held the lightsaber in one of the best scenes in Star Wars (IMO).

- As a fan, I didn't NEED Finn and Poe to have a relationship beyond what we saw, but I can't deny that Disney dropped the ball in not making use of their delightful, organic bond. But if that's not the story the writers wanted to tell, then it's their choice. This novel provides a nice nugget for the Finn/Poe shippers, and it was a smart move to let the audience decide for themselves.

- With many ongoing rumors and reports coming out about this next season, this article could've been more than 50 pages . There are infinite stories to tell using both the old and new characters in this series or other projects in development. Whether or not these specific predictions are actualized, it's evident that Favreau and Filoni are really trying to expand George's world and initial vision.

- I noticed this cameo right away and it was extremely cool. Once again, Filoni is proving himself a worthy successor to Lucas by utilizing the expansion of the Star Wars universe since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. These little cameos can go a long way because they touch on connections that make sense for the storytelling, and I’m intrigued to see possible future projects with Maul and Vos.

- Season 2 cannot come soon enough! With Witwer being one of the most knowledgeable Star Wars fans on the planet, I trust every one of his comments. I expect that he is referring to both the action of this season, and future tie-in’s to other stories and characters that are at work. I think there’s a full slate of ideas and shows in the pipeline for Star Wars TV.

- I’m really hoping these titles are the real deal, because they’re perfect. I‘ve wanted to see more of the New Republic at work in the galaxy, and there are so many doors now open for the Empire or the First Order to get involved because of Mando and Baby Yoda. And the Chapter Six title has me stoked for the possible inclusion of Ahsoka Tano (and maybe Ezra and Sabine) in this story.

- I’m disappointed the Curtis will no longer be debuting in Season 2, but I’m still hoping she’ll eventually show up in some capacity in Star Wars. As for her character, it must be a vital role for the story if they still want to work her into Season 3. I’m curious to see how everything plays out before the season premiere in October.

- As someone who loves all of the trilogies but can recognize some of their flaws, I think this epilogue greatly ties each of them together. I know a lot of people don’t think the sequels had anything to do with the OT and undid it in some ways, but I think this summary points out the greatest strengths of both the prequel and sequel story and the story of Star Wars as a whole.

- I’m very interested in seeing Maul’s plan and actions in this episode. He clearly has something up his sleeve as he knows what is about to happen in the galaxy. The clip and stills are a great tease, and it’s fulfilling to see that classic stance from Ray Park’s Maul. I can’t wait to see what Filoni and the team have in store.

- I don’t think I could be more pumped for these last three episodes. I’m starting to become as excited as I was for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, which is really saying something.

- I love these comments. I’m a huge fan of his work on Breaking Bad, but it’s nice to see that they’re giving him a bit different of a villain for The Mandalorian. And more from the Darksaber is always a good thing. I’m really interested in how they explain Gideon’s possession of it. What happened to Bo-Katan and the Mandalorians we saw in Rebels? Guess we’ll have to wait.

- This is no surprise, but exciting none the less! I’m curious to see if Disney Gallery will come out with future installments for the second and third seasons of the show. I’m glad Disney is sticking with the show and allowing Favreau to tell the full story he has in mind. I can’t wait for me story details to be released.

- I've been following Sam Witwer ever since I played The Force Unleashed, so I always savor the moments when he's in Star Wars, whether it's with Maul or anything else. Witwer was the perfect actor to voice Maul, and in that same respect, Freddie Prinze Jr. was the perfect actor to voice Kanan. Some of the best parts of Rebels is when they duel both physically and spiritually.

- We wouldn't have Star Wars without George Lucas, so anytime he's involved with the property, even if it's as simple as making these nice comments, it makes me happy. Getting Lucas' stamp of approval on a specific project is a big deal in and of itself, but getting it for his last vision for the show is truly special for TCW team. I hope we hear more from him when it's all said and done.

- These descriptions really excite me for the series. I love hearing Favreau talk about his work and the lengths they go to make the vision into a reality. I'm also super-interested in some of the discussions they'll have about George Lucas, the world of Star Wars, and quite possibly, its future.

- I'm not going to fight Aeron on this one, because I agree. We not only got to reflect on the journeys of our main heroes in this film, but we got to witness the continuation and (in some cases) the end of them. That's what is so brilliant about the movie. It was emotional, funny, devastating, and epic. It's truly an infinite story, and one that will be remembered for years to come.

- I'm really excited to see what they have in store for these eight episodes. Watching BTS videos is what got me interested in studying films and film-making further, and releasing this on May 4th has great sentimental value. With the likely cancellation of Star Wars Celebration in August due to COVID-19, it will be nice to get some extra Star Wars content for the time being.

- The Avengers is a really fun movie and a great kickstart to the connected universe Marvel has since built, but it’s dated. I’m not trying to understate it’s importance or my emotional investment in it, but Infinity War feels like an action-packed relay race. They were able to tell a story purely focused on Thanos and his one mission, and it was more than thrilling.

- I find this news a bit disappointing because I love Taika's directing style and humor. I thought it was a nice change of pace for Star Wars when his episode released. He's such a creative force that puts 100% effort and care into his projects, and he has a great eye for storytelling and character development. I hope he comes back to Star Wars soon, even if it's just as an actor.

- In my opinion, The Force Awakens is a little cheesy. I can feel that over the years it will become more dated in my eyes. However, it introduced great characters that I enjoyed watching the last few years. But I give Rogue One the edge for its commitment to being a gritty war film. The crew was so charming, and demonstrated the price that comes with their rebellion. And that Vader scene!!

- Avengers Endgame is hands down the best film in the MCU, and easily in the top 3 greatest superhero movies of all time. The fact that they were able to wrap up 21 other movies while telling one cohesive, human story about the main Avengers is bonkers to me. The third act is the best third act I’ve ever seen in a film. It’s the greatest accomplishment in the MCU and will be incredibly hard to top.

- Even with the occasionally wooden acting, dated special effects, and choppy writing, Revenge of the Sith is still a great Star Wars film that will always resonate with me. It really makes the saga feel whole. Yet, in my opinion, Return of the Jedi is the greatest SW movie. The heart, heroes, adventure, emotion...there’s just nothing like it.

- This is a strange situation. I love the sequel films, but it’s clear that the trilogy is a story of two different visions. I think Lucasfilm is at fault for not painting one direction for this trilogy at the start. I believe that TROS didn’t consciously try to undo TLJ, but I think it did in a lot of ways, unlike the “Duel of the Fates” script, which beautifully followed TLJ’s story.

- I thoroughly enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker, and will always praise the film for giving me a satisfying, fun adventure with these characters that I love. It also gave a special and fitting end to my favorite SW character, Ben Solo. That being said, come’s Empire all the way. It’s a spectacular exploration of the Force, and that lightsaber duel is the grittiest in Star Wars.

- I love Civil War. I really, really do. Easily in my top three favorite MCU movies. But, Endgame just slightly edges it out because of its incredible culmination of 22 films, and ties together all of the emotion and love we as fans invested into this franchise. And that final battle...the greatest thing since Braveheart.

- This news excites me for a variety of different reasons. First, I love the creative focus on these Jedi being true symbols of hope and justice in the galaxy. Their character descriptions (further detailed on the Star Wars website) are a wonderful touch that has me already attached and intrigued in their story. I look forward to hearing more about the series and the characters it'll incorporate.

- To put it simply, I absolutely love The Last Jedi. Initially I liked it, then I hated it, and now I’m obsessed with it. While I can’t say it’s the best SW film from this Disney era (Rogue One, where you at?) because of specific plot points and character choices, the themes in it are beautiful. The Phantom Menace will always have a special place in my heart, but boredom takes over in each viewing.

- I hope Revenge of the Sith makes a bit of a Cinderella run here. I think this is an easy first matchup, and I mean no offense to Attack of the Clones. There’s a lot of interesting things fans can find in that film, especially after seeing other canon material like The Clone Wars TV show. But the former is a classic in Star Wars, even with its many flaws.

- Personally, I understood what they were going for when I first saw the movie, but it’s my opinion that Rey will still be using “Skywalker” as a last name. That being said, I believe the creative team behind The Rise of Skywalker could’ve executed the true meaning (that it’s technically a metaphor) in a more effective way on screen. This also makes me wish they pulled more from Trevorrow’s script.

- Even though I absolutely adore The Clone Wars TV show, the movie is a tough watch for many reasons. On the other hand, I think that Rogue One is the best Star Wars film under the Disney regime. The grittiness and visual flare are astounding, and that third act is glorious. It really felt like I was back in the original trilogy.

- I'm haven't collected any Star Wars figures in a long time, but this is something I need to have. I might be pulling out the wallet when I shouldn't, but isn't Baby Yoda worth it? Just look at that face!

- I don't think Palpatine will ever physically return again mainly because of the overall poor reception in the way J.J. Abrams handled it in Episode IX. Both Abrams and Chris Terrio had intriguing ideas with his story as heard in interviews and seen in the novel. I think his presence in the film or his past could be explored more in the future, but another come-back would be dull at this point.

- I honestly have no idea what a Robert Rodriguez-directed episode of The Mandalorian will look like. I like some of his work, but not all of it. That being said, he is a brilliant, hard-working director that will bring a unique style to Star Wars.

- I'm saddened at the fact Ashley Eckstein won't get a chance to play this character in live-action, but since they are going a different route, I'm glad it's Rosario Dawson. I also know that Dave Filoni is involved in these talks and the character is his "baby," so I trust him and Favreau on this. I'm thrilled with the decision to include Ahsoka because of the endless directions for the story!

- “The Phantom Apprentice” is a great callback to the first prequel film. I didn’t think I could get more pumped for this season, but these titles and descriptions are full of intense teases for this concluding season!

- This TV spot gets me even more excited for Friday's episode! Ahsoka has become one of my favorite characters in Star Wars, so I'm curious to see how she gets dragged into more drama down in the Underworld. I'm also wondering when in the season she'll get swept up into Mandalore's war.

- I was also disappointed about not having any deleted scenes, but this documentary was an emotional, bittersweet return to the film. The reason I became interested in film-making was because of the behind-the-scenes looks provided in the prequel DVD releases, so I found "The Skywalker Legacy" very enthralling. It was a touching send-off for a grand saga.

- I really love this excerpt! I understand why they couldn't fit more information like this in the movie, but it's nice to see it in some form. Also, the writing beautifully captured Carrie Fisher's Leia Organa.

- I love these BTS photos, especially the one with Hux and Pryde on Mustafar. It confirms that there were scenes from the novelization that were actually shot, so hopefully we can see some deleted scenes.

- While they're simple and straightforward, it's an awesome platform for kids to get introduced to Star Wars! It's also cool to see these characters again even though the saga is over.