Pamela Gores

Managing Editor & MCU/PlayStation Writer

Pamela Gores is an MCU writer and the Managing Editor for The Direct. She recently earned her bachelor's degree in Writing & Rhetoric with a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. She also works full-time as a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Coordinator at Full Sail University. She’s written and edited for multiple publications and hopes to use her skills as an editor for a magazine or publishing company one day. When she isn’t typing on her laptop, you can find her listening to The 1975 on Spotify or playing Kingdom Hearts.

MCU Favorites:

Pamela's favorite MCU movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier because its purpose—to introduce Steve Rogers to the modern age and challenge him in strategical and moral ways he isn’t accustomed to nor comfortable with—gave the world something unexpected: a really good MCU espionage film. It proved that the Captain America movie franchise could withstand itself beyond the era the first film took place in. Not only that, but it provided great character development for some of the MCU’s finest.

As for MCU characters, Pamela's favorite is Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow because she’s flawed and has a rich history Pamela always wanted to know more about. She is the epitome of redemption, clad in a tough (but soft for the ones she cares about) exterior and a signature coy attitude. Natasha came from a place of nothing (both physically and emotionally) and made something—not just for herself, but for the entire universe.

Why Pamela joined The Direct:

"I joined The MCU branch of Direct because I want to explore the power and impact of female superheroes in a day and age when they’re more prominent than ever. Characters such as Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff have inspired me throughout the years, and I want to give others that same sense of inspiration with other empowering women."

Pamela's Articles

Pamela's Thoughts

- It's nice to see Captain Marvel 2 finally secure a date after so much speculation has been brought up about it. More than anything, I'm curious to see what sort of adventure we'll find Carol in given all of the movies and shows preceeding her sequel! Though, my fingers are still crossed for a Secret Invasion-esque movie.

- No matter what Marvel Studios decides to do, I’m confident that they will make the best decision based on the safety of their employees and fans. And while these projects have been long-anticipated, I’m willing to wait just a little bit longer if it means keeping myself and others out of harm’s way.

- As always, safety comes first. No matter how badly I'm itching for these projects to come out, making sure that everyone involved is taken into consideration first and foremost is the top priority. Plus, given Marvel Studios' track record, I have no doubts the potential wait will be worth it.