Klein Felt

Klein Felt is a Senior Editor at The Direct. Joining the website back in 2020, he helped jumpstart video game content on The Direct. Klein plays a vital role as a part of the site's content team, demonstrating expertise in all things PlayStation, Marvel, and the greater entertainment industry.

Klein is a gaming writer and editor for The Direct based in Western Canada. He has a background in media, working his days in radio broadcasting. While Klein feels most comfortable with a controller in hand, he also loves spending his time consuming podcasts, taking in a movie, or watching as much NBA basketball as possible.

Klein Felt is a Senior Editor at The Direct. He joined the site back in 2020 to help jump-start gaming content on The Direct. Klein spends his days and nights writing, editing, and helping manage the social media presence of The Direct while aiding in content strategy and ideation across the website.

Before joining The Direct, Klein worked in morning radio, broadcasting in various cities across western Canada. He holds a diploma in Radio Arts & Entertainment from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 2017. 

Whether it's a breaking headline or a picture of his lunch on any particular day, you can follow Klein on Twitter (@TheKleinFelt) to keep up with everything he is doing at The Direct and beyond. 

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