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Ben is a Content Lead for The Direct who joined the company in May of 2019. His role consists of writing captions, posting on the respective social media channels, and creating images for The Direct.

Ben is also the founder of the YouTube Channel GameUnboxingReviews, which he has been running since 2011. His videos have received 195,698,404 views and have earned him over 229,000 Subscribers. Ben covers the latest news for video games based on LEGO, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many other properties. He has worked with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to provide exclusive content to his viewers and created a LEGO Dimensions-themed episode of Doctor Who: The Fan Show for the BBC.

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- I'm beyond excited about this film! It is easily my most anticipated movie to date. It'll be interesting to see if director Jon Watt's still has an interest in using Kraven the Hunter in the film. Watt's could also use a pre-existing MCU villain like Michael Mando's Mac Gargan and introduce him as the Scorpion in the Spider-Man threequel.

- I'm extremely excited to see the history of The Eternals in the MCU in this film!

- I could definitely see Rebels receiving a sequel series on Disney Plus.

- This new series of films has serious potential to be something unique and different.

- The MCU references in this trailer absolutely blew my mind! Especially the appearance from Keaton's Vulture. I'm all for Marvel Studios to connect the MCU and SUMC moving, but Sony needs to handle this carefully, and respect the MCU's existing continuity.

- This movie is easily my most anticipated and I can't wait to learn more!

- This news was unexpected, but also inevitable. I'm going to miss Bob Iger's influence on the Walt Disney Company, but I wish Bob Chapek all the very best as Disney's new CEO.

- Authors of Star Wars have always had to remain extremely cautious over how they plan their stories around the canon lore. What Lucasfilm is doing with The High Republic will allow writers to be able to add so much more this universe, while not affecting it's existing history.

- It's really interesting to see a little glimpse into Dane and Sersi's social life.

- It's a shame to see that Scott Derrickson is no longer the director, as I was really looking forward to seeing how he and Marvel Studios would handle a scary MCU film.

- It'll be interesting to see if these talks with Feige actually lead to anything. Feige already has his hands full with development on Phase 4 of the MCU and a future Star Wars film.

- Christian Bale would be a fantastic addition and definitely looks the part for Dario Agger.

- I'd be absolutely ecstatic if Aaron-Taylor Johnson returned in WandaVision! The actor's portrayal of Quicksilver was easily one of the biggest highlights in Age of Ultron.

- Black Widow, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The Eternals, and now WandaVision? 2020 is already shaping up to be an extremely exciting year for fans of the MCU!

- Schirle's concept art for both films is absolutely stunning to say the least. Given the run-times, it's understandable that these ideas didn't make it in the final cuts. However, I would of personally loved to of seen a lot more from Steve and the Secret Avengers in Infinity War.

- It's slightly disapointing to hear that deleted scenes won't be included, but overall, there is still a lot to look forward to in the home media release of this film.

- Bruce Banner is an essential part of Jennifer Walters' origin in the comics. I would be extremely surprised if Ruffalo doesn't make an appearance as Smart Hulk in this series.

- Kang The Conqueror could lead to some very exciting time travel adventures, not just in the Loki series. Kang could quickly become a key player in future Avengers films!

- Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy is something that I still find so nostalgic to watch even to this day. All three movies featured so prominently throughout many unforgettable moments during my childhood. I'll be absolutely ecstatic if Raimi actually gets the job!

- I’m all for more Star Wars films directed by talented female directors like Deborah Chow!

- All of these shows sound fantastic, but I'd have to say that I'm most excited about Loki. It's the most mysterious series out of the three, and sounds like an extremely fun, but very twisted take on time travel shows, similar to the likes of Doctor Who.

- Clea has always been one of my favorite of Doctor Strange's allies from the comics. I would love to see this character make her live-action debut in the MCU in this film!

- Marvel Studios' costume designers have done a fantastic job on this particular suit. I only hope that we'll also see Walker's classic black costume at some point during the series!

- The possibility of seeing more flashbacks to some of Romanoff's past missions in the MCU just doubles my excitement for Marvel Studios' Black Widow movie.

- Personally, I think that the ramifications of these SUMC Easter eggs could be huge for the future of Spider-Man's little corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

- Scott Derrickson's departure from the project was definitely disappointing to hear, but I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s the end of the world. I’m still extremely excited about this movie and very curious to see who Marvel Studios will choose to direct the film.

- I always had a feeling that Marvel Studios would eventually introduce a female version of Loki to the MCU, but Kid Loki too? Now that is interesting! I'd love to see female Loki and Kid Loki team up with their adult male self to fight an even greater threat in the series.

- This is an extremely exciting rumor! Mark Ruffalo might finally receive his long-overdue standalone Hulk movie. If Marvel made a sequel to TIH, fans could potentially see the continuation of a twelve-year cliffhanger, featuring the return of actor Tim Blake Nelson as The Leader.

- If he does sign on, I'm all for a Waititi-led Star Wars movie! The director already did wonders with Thor: Ragnarok and is sure to exceed expectations with Love and Thunder.

- Personally, I think it’s great to hear that Cretton will be putting a greater focus on family values in this film. The idea of Marvel Studios making Shang-Chi the son of The Mandarin really has the potential to be an extremely compelling and unexpected twist.