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The Direct Podcast: Wonder Woman 1984 Primer - What To Know Before Watching

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in Golden Armor
By Matt Roembke




" Wonder Woman 1984 ... History has its eyes on you."

Ahead of the historic HBO Max/theatrical hybrid release of Wonder Woman 1984 , we break down everything you need to know before the much-anticipated sequel. We cover everything from the character of Wonder Woman, the production timeline of the movie, and the promotional strategy in the unprecedented times.

We also give our predictions for what to expect in WW84 . Will this movie have strong tie-ins to the greater DCEU? How do we see the Steve Trevor-Diana Prince relationship evolve? We ask all of these questions in anticipation for the first big comic book movie release in more than 11 months.

Make sure to tune into Chapter 13 of The Direct Podcast this weekend for our instant reaction review of Wonder Woman 1984 .

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