SW Madness Recap
By Andrew Gilman

Our Final 4 round of the Star Wars Madness tournament has wrapped up, paving the way for a championship matchup between two classics! The four victorious films of the Elite 8 faced off for the chance to fight for supremacy, and we treated to a Hosnian-sized blowout and nail-biter. The iconic middle chapter of the Original Trilogy took on the popular first live-action spinoff, while the one that started it all went toe-to-toe with its chronological predecessor. We knew there would be some tough decisions to make, but we never imagined a cantina shoot-out! We now have our winners and field has been set for the Rule of Two. Check out the results below!

The first matchup of the Final 4 resulted in a convincing and inevitbale beatdown. The Empire Strikes Back is proving that the Empire's assault on the Hoth Rebel base is metaphoric, as the film is similarly trouncing any and all competition that crosses its path. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story had a good run, but at the end of the day it was about as helpless as Krennic when he was staring down superlaser of his creation. The spinoff film did an excellent job of telling a personal, yet pivotal, story about the first major Rebel victory, but doesn't quite have the staying power that the much-beloved Empire does. In nearly every way, Empire does its job at an exceptional level, adding more depth to our cast of heroes while proving that their adversaries are a force to be reckoned with. It would've taken a thermal exhaust port shot to take down Empire , an unfair expectation for a film even as good as Rogue One . How likely were the Rebel soldiers aboard the Profundity to escape the wrath of Darth Vader? About as likely as Rogue One was to best The Empire Strikes Back . The top seed is now moving on to fight for the champion's crown.

The second and final showdown of the Final 4 gave us an incredible battle between two Star Wars heavyweights, resulting in a narrow victory for the original film. After a hard fought matchup, Star Wars: A New Hope bested Revenge of the Sith by a lightsaber-thin margin! For a time, Episode III had A New Hope by a decent margin but, like the Rebels, you can never count out the film that dropped us into the galaxy far, far away. A New Hope is a timeless cinematic feat that will likely never be accomplished again, a film that changed the industry and the world forever. Revenge of the Sith has nothing to hang its head over, as it was only a handful of votes away from topping the original iconic Star Wars film and taking on Empire . The outcome of this competition was always going to be a coin toss, and a tie would have been unprecedented. In the end, the nostalgia and fairy-tale nature of A New Hope had the edge over the darkest chapter in the Star Wars saga, giving it momentum as it enters the Rule of Two championship round to contend for a Medal of Honor.




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