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Moon Knight Disney+: Hannibal Rising Star Reportedly Cast as Marvel Villain

Oscar Isaac, Midnight Man vs. Moon Knight in Marvel Comics, Moon Knight logo
By Tom Drew

Many of Marvel Studios' shows on Disney+ seek to bring new characters into the universe, and Moon Knight will be doing just that for the much-requested Marvel Comics character.

Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac will be headlining the show in the lead role, who confirmed his involvement through an interesting post on social media. The MCU newcomer hasn't spoken too much on the series, but did promise that it will be "a wild, wild, show."

Starring opposite Isaac will be First Reformed's Ethan Hawke, who will be taking on the role of the show's primary villain. When asked why he chose to join the MCU project, Hawke revealed that Oscar Isaac's involvement was in fact the deciding factor.

Fans have also gotten their first look at Hawke's appearance in the show as he was donned in an all-brown costume on Moon Knight's set.

Now another villainous character seems to have joined Moon Knight's growing cast...



As found by Reddit user u/Carninator, the talent agency profile for Hannibal Rising actor Gaspard Ulliel indicates that he will be playing Anton Bogart/Midnight Man in the Moon Knight Disney+ series.

It is currently unknown how large Ulliel's role in the show will be.



Gaspard Ulliel has worked in the French film industry for the majority of his acting career, so his casting in Moon Knight should help to propel his name into the Hollywood mainstream. One interesting role of note is his previous performance as Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising, which should aid him in this similarly villainous role for Moon Knight. 

Midnight Man aka Anton Mogart is a relatively obscure character in Marvel Comics, primarily known for being a member of Moon Knight's rogues gallery.

The character is a relatively minor adversary, which may indicate that he will be acting as a secondary villain to Ethan Hawke's main antagonist role. Midnight Man does not even have any powers, so it will be interesting to see how the MCU positions him as a threat to Marc Spector.

Mogart is cloaked in all black with a caped costume very similar in appearance to Moon Knight's own robes. It is unknown whether the Disney+ series will be adapting this costume for the MCU's incarnation, but its possible inclusion might suggest that Mogart could act as a foil to Moon Knight.

Strangely, Midnight Man's alter ego in the comics is Anton Mogart, which has been changed to Anton Bogart for the MCU iteration. The reason for changing the character's surname by one letter is unknown, but it certainly is a bizarre choice.

Moon Knight will be arriving on Disney+ in 2022.