Bo-Katan Kissed The Mandalorian In Season 3 Outtake, Reveals Star

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Bo-Katan, The Mandalorian

According to Katee Sackhoff, Bo-Katan kissed Pedro Pascal's titular hero in an outtake from The Mandalorian Season 3. 

Disney+'s flagship Star Wars series has never outright featured a romantic connection between Bo-Katan and Din Djarin, but that has not stopped people from dreaming up what a scenario where the two ended up together would look like. 

Of course, up to this point, the relationship has remained strictly platonic (despite what some internet commenters may want), with the pair going their separate ways at the end of The Mandalorian's third season. 

Mando & Bo-Katan Sitting in a Tree

While speaking at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023 (via @misspat_17 on Twitter), Bo-Katan actress Katee Sackhoff revealed a cut scene from The Mandalorian featured a kiss between her Star Wars character and Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin

Mando 1
Star Wars

When asked about her favorite scenes from the latest season of the hit Disney+ series, Sackhoff pointed to a "scene between Bo and Mando on the front of [a] boat" during Season 3, Episode 7:

Q: “In Season 3, your character, Bo, and Din, 'The Mandalorian' had a lot of scenes where it’s just the two of you and almost complete episodes where it’s the two of you. What was your favorite scene or most emotional scene that you and Pedro Pascal had during this season?”

Sackhoff: “So, the scene between Bo and Mando on the front of the boat is like our Titanic moment. Like, ‘I’m the queen of the world.’ I wanted to stand at the front of that boat. It was begging for me to do that…”

She then added there was an outtake where her character and The Mandalorian kissed "through the Mando helmet:"

Q: “Are they any outtakes where you gave it a shot or no?”

Sackhoff: “They is definitely an outtake where Brendan Wayne grabbed my face and kissed me through the Mando helmet. It was quite funny. Brendan Wayne is one of the men that wear the suit. And it was really fun.”

The Star Wars actress remarked that this was a "really, really important" scene and was "so hard to not cry" during filming:

"But yeah, that scene for me was really, really important, because it’s that scene where he says that, ‘Your song is not yet written.’ That was like, it was so hard to not cry during that scene. It was like (wipes eyes). It was just such a sweet moment.”

When looking back at the sequence in the way it made it onto Disney+, Sackhoff lamented, "Oh my god, he loves her so much" and "Oh my gosh, I’m shipping them:"

Q: “Well, just so you know, I cried. I’m not kidding. At home, I was like, (sniffles) He respects her.”

Sackhoff: “I love that you were doing that. I was at home going like, ‘Oh my god, he loves her so much…’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m shipping them…’ We did have multiple conversations about… there’s too many children here, so I won’t about it, but we were having questions about what would happen because of the helmets and everything… I mean, it really could’ve just… that whole scene at the living waters [of Mandalore] could’ve been very different. It could’ve just been, ‘Should we, shouldn’t we? I mean, we could just go back in…’ It’s been a long weekend. I’m super tired. And I get super tired, I get a lil’ funny.”

Will a Mando-Bo-Katan Romance Happen?

Right now it remains unclear if a Mando-Bo-Katan romance will ever happen on-screen.

Many believed that quite the opposite would come to pass in The Mandalorian Season 3, with Bo-Katan being speculated to be the primary antagonist of the latest season. That, obviously, did not happen, but that is not to say it never will. 

For those (like Katee Sackhoff) who are "shipping" the pair of characters, disappointment may be on the way. 

Given the way The Mandalorian Season 3 came to a close, it feels unlikely Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan will be as intimately involved in Season 4 as she has been previously. 

Of course, there is always the chance a romance could be explored as a part of the upcoming MandoVerse movie

But for now, it seems the Lucasfilm creatives are intentionally keeping the two single to leave the door open to any number of creative possibilities down the road. 

The Mandalorian Seasons 1-3 can be streamed now on Disney+. 

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