All of Us Are Dead Season 2: Release, Cast and Everything We Know

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All of Us Are Dead Netflix

All of Us Are Dead is confirmed to return for Season 2 on Netflix, and the hype for it is high after its stellar debut.

The South Korean series is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name created by Joo Dong-geun which focuses on a group of high school students who band together to survive a zombie outbreak. 

All of Us Are Dead premiered on Netflix on January 28, 2022. 

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release: When Will It Come Out?

All of Us Are Dead

Netflix renewed All of Us Are Dead for Season 2 in June 2022. 

This comes after a strong debut when the show hit the top spot on Netflix's US daily top 10 list on the seventh day of its release. It also pulled in an incredible 361 million viewing hours in its first 10 days.

The anticipation for All of Us Are Dead Season 2 ramped up following its finale, which is understandable due to its thrilling narrative and cliffhanger ending. 

Although the writers' and actors' strikes in Hollywood are ongoing, it is expected that production for All of Us Are Dead Season 2 will not be affected since it is located in South Korea. 

However, in March 2023, Park Ji-hu, who plays On-jo, confirmed with Teen Vogue that filming for Season 2 has yet to begin despite being announced in June 2022. 

Cameras won't begin rolling until late 2023 at the earliest due to the cast's busy schedule and commitment to other projects.

If production ends up starting in early 2024, then fans can expect All of Us Are Dead Season 2 to premiere in December 2024 due to the time needed for post-production. 

A January 2025 release window is also likely since Season 1 premiered during the same month in 2022. 

Who Is the Cast in All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

All of Us are Dead characters

All of Us Are Dead features a remarkable cast headlined by some of the famous stars from South Korea. 

While some of the characters from Season 1 didn't make it out alive, the show's core group is all expected to return in Season 2, which includes On-jo, Su-hyeok, Dae-su, Ha-ri, Mi-jin, and Hyo-rung. 

Although Cheong-San seemingly died in one of the final episodes of Season 1, the fact that Yoon Chan-yeong is present in Season 2's announcement video might hint that he will come back. 

Another human-turned-zombie hybrid that is confirmed to return is Nam-ra, a character portrayed by Cho Yi-hyun. 

Here's a list of every actor and their respective character who is expected to show up in Season 2: 

  • Park Ji-hu - Nam On-jo
  • Yoon Chan-yeong - Lee Cheong-san
  • Cho Yi-hyun - Choi Nam-ra
  •  Lee Su-hyeok - Lomon
  • Ha Seung-ri - Jang Ha-ri
  • Lee Eun-saem - Park Mi-jin
  • Kim Bo-yoon - Hyo-ryung
  • Im Jae-hyuk - Dae-su 

As of writing, there are no additional cast members announced for Season 2 yet.

What Will Happen in All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

Netflix All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead Season 1 ended with a massive cliffhanger where Nam-ra resurfaced to meet her friends again. It was an unusual reunion, considering she is a half-zombie and half-human hybrid. 

In All of Us Are Dead's lore, there are some infected who managed to retain their humanity while also having enhanced sight, agility, and strength. However, a glaring side effect is they still have a hunger for human flesh. 

Based on her final interaction, it appears that Nam-ra successfully became a zombie-human hybrid, but it remains to be seen if she will be able to fight the urge to infect her peers. 

Season 1's final scene also implies that Nam-ra is not alone, with her saying that she hears "them" nearby. Could she be setting up her friends in danger? 

Season 2 could address the mystery behind the hybrids and Nam-ra and her new friends.

In fact, in February 2022, All of Us Are Dead director Lee Jae-kyoo teased, via The Korea Herald, that Season 2 could revolve around "the survival of the zombies:"

“Many directions, settings and scenes were intentionally produced to expand the story into an additional season, including the introduction of the new races of zombies -- immune and immortal. If the first season can be seen as having presented humanity‘s survival, the next season can talk about the survival of zombies. I hope to present viewers with another season."

Elsewhere, Cheong-San's supposed survival is also set to be one of the main storylines in Season 2. 

Speaking with Soompi in February 2022, Yoon Chan-young played coy about Cheong-San's fate, hinting that he wants his character to live if given the chance: 

"I was actually asked about whether Cheong San died or not in another interview recently. To be honest, I don't know. I haven't heard about what happens next, and nothing has been decided yet. Personally, I'd like to live. I'd like to be able to say things that I didn't get to say."

If Cheong-San is indeed alive in Season 2, an emotional reunion with Nam-jo could be in the cards. It's also likely that he would end up saving his friends from the rogue hybrid zombies due to his loyalty and love for Nam-jo. 

Aside from past story threads, the show's sophomore run is also poised to introduce new characters, dangerous villains, and complicated storylines amid the return of more powerful zombies. 

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Trailer: When Will It Drop?

Park Solomon

In June 2022, Netflix unveiled a brief teaser trailer to showcase the Season 2 announcement. 

The video shows a horde of zombies before the number two is featured at the end of it. 

While this isn't an official trailer with new footage, it's more than enough to build anticipation for the series' Netflix comeback. 

It's possible that Netflix would release All of Us Are Dead Season 2's trailer two months before its eventual premiere, which has been the usual timeline for some of its shows. 

In comparison, there were three trailers that were unveiled for All of Us Are Dead Season 1.

A brief teaser announcing its release date was unveiled on December 31, 2021, before an official trailer premiered on January 7, 2022.

As the show's release inched closer, Netflix showcased a final trailer on January 14, 2022, which was exactly two weeks before Season 1's premiere.

The same timeline could be adapted for Season 2's marketing. 

For now, fans can watch the Season 2 announcement video below: 

All of Us Are Dead Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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